Tuesday, May 23, 2017

LANARD's THE CORPS ::Part 1:: Total Soldier

lately, Ive been fascinated with these G.I Joe like action figures from Lanard, which I have been buying from Toy Kingdom stores on SM malls. They are called  "The Corps" They stand 3-3/4" and each comes with different army weapons. Based on my little research, They started producing this figs back in the 80s in an attempt to surpass the growing popularity of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, the 3.75" version of the regular 12" Action Figures. While these figures that I just got was manufactured between 2013-2016 as part of the 'new' series, 2013's Total Soldiers and 2016's The Corps vs. The Curse.

So, for this post, let me start with The Corps' Total Soldiers, released in 2013, according to the package card. I currently own 3 from this series, 2 single packs, and 1 double fig pack.

Single Figs "Decoder" and "Spade"

Somewhat sports colorful army uniforms other than just the common camo print, the crcters lsocomes with different backgrounds and histories, and are part of the different teams, like Trent Tanner here, also known as "Decoder" is part of the Sea Squad, a specialized Sea combat unit team, while Ethan Crowne a.k.a "Spade" is part of the Flying Force, a team specializing in Air assult unit. Each comes with sets of weapons. I like Decoder's blue blades best.

Dual Team Mission, with "Bolder" and "Buckshot"
The Corps also comes in Dual Team Mission package. Now, I'm not really sure if they meant 2 soldiers of same team going on a mission, or 2 soldierscoming from different teams joining force for a speacial mission. Either way, I still think this DTM is pretty cool, got 2 action figures in a Lower price compared to the single packs lol. The  package contains Connor Bradic a.k.a "Bolder" from Covert Comand, specialized deep covert units, and Austin Colt a.k.a "Buckshot", from Flying Force, same team as "Spade".. A little disappointed that Buckhot comes with a pistol and not thee Hunting Knife he is holding on his concept art (at the back of the pack card).

Aren't these figures awesome or what? I decided I will try to collect all the other figs that the  Toy  Kingdom offers, but it's not everything, unlike those I see in the web, which also comes in different packaging and with much better and accurate weapons and accessories. For second part, I will do The Corps vs. The Curse.

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