Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hi guys, it's been a while.
I just finished college!! wooohooo.

I apologize for the lack of updates during the past year. I still collect SD Gundam and take photos of them, but I just don't have time to post them and do reviews, since I have to focus on my studies and graduate, or my parents are going to kill me. It's been a year!!

I don't know why the images are not showing up? must be something to do with the sites that I used to upload them? I don't know. I'll try to fix that soon.

Anyway, I started a new toy blog, it is called The Poor Collector. It's also a review blog, like this one, but instead of expensive all-original toys, I post fakes toys like LEGO knock-offs. toys that may not be from the original brand, but still has some good qualities, and kids who are short in budget will surely enjoy.

Halo! we are from The Poor Collector, visit us sometimes!!
Please do visit it:

Now that I graduated from college, I have to work, so I can have bucks to buy all these toys that I long want to have. hahaha. Don't know if I can keep updating these 2 blogs, but I will surely try!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

BB#259 Strike Gundam: Striker Weapon System - Sword Strike Gundam

Probably my no.1 pick on fave mobile suit. Didn't even plan to post a review about the trashy Striker Weapon System pack if it wasn't for this buddy. It's just the coloration of the parts/pieces that matters, the sky blue is sooo dead. they should have included the transparent pink which is mostly used for sabers and accessories on other SDs, on the laser of the sword. to give it more appeal. but this is an old plastic model pack, which means it's supposed to be dull.


BB#259 Strike Gundam: Striker Weapon System - Aile Strike Gundam

My second fave Strike Gundam (next to Sword). E-X01. Though I think this SD would be better if Ban Dai included the Bazooka and Rocket Anchor from the manga.

I took some photos with the beam saber too, maybe I'll add it here soon.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

HG Victory Gundam + HG Customize Campaign Item A

Normally, I'd buy a new SD for my semester end kickback, from my last week of the semester allowance. It's been my thing for 2 years now. but since the nearest local toy store and hobby store doesn't have the new SD I wanted, and some of those in stock are old, I decided to get an HG instead. and It comes with a Campaign Item. If there is a second thing I love collecting Gundam, it's freebies and campaign items!! Also, they gave me the second copy of GUNPLA Catalogue 2013.

Since I already have my cam ready by my side.. I also took a photo of Victory Gundam runners and manual. A photocopy of "How to build GUNPLA" page from 2013 GUNPLA Navigation Catalogue is also included in the box.

The HG Customize Campaign item, that was given to me for free after purchaising Victory Gundam, was also from 2013, but only available this month on my fave hobby store. I got "A" (there are six of them to collect). Included in the runner is a Cannon that can be used by almost every HG modelkit with gun-holding fist, and several pairs of connectors that can be used to morph 2 different model kits into 1.

hmm..might as well do a little photoshoot for Victory Gundam + campaign item and post it here.... later.

Monday, March 17, 2014

BB#259 Strike Gundam: Striker Weapon System - Strike Gundam

The normal form, Strike Gundam.. boring as always. but 'was cute in his SD form.

Photos with beam riffle and shield later.