Friday, June 2, 2017


#JuneBeGoodToMe. This month's been starting really good, as its just the first week, and I already got one good houl.

Got some more The Corps Stuff, a 1/18 scale figs of Northstar from X-Men and Agent Kallus from Star Wars Rebels, 2 Yokai Watch model kits, and my favorite among the bunch, my very first 1/6 Scale Cop action Figure from M&C Toys. Also included is a puppy toy figure from Littlest Pet Shop, which reminds me of my dog, Baku.

I was hoping to get a 1/6 G.I. Joe from 70's instead, which I saw was on sale last week and the price was managable compared to the prices of those sold on Amazon, however, yesterday, after sweing Wonder Woman with mama, I found out the figure was already sold like two days earlier. Sad.