Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throwback : The remains of my childhood

Even before I got into serious SD collecting, I already enjoyed buying cheap model kits and played them everytime. How I wished I took care of them more. so, some parts went missing, and obvious use of adhesives since they broke a lot, during the "Toy Story" moments. I dunno if I can still revive them since looking for the missing parts only means buying new sets for me. haha.. either way, definitely still gonna keep them and maybe cased them for display.

hashtag-throwbackthursday!! hahaha

I can't identify what are the names of the first two, but I'm pretty sure the one that wore the samurai helmet, with the armor-holding-statue is the BB#17 Musha Gundam, which came out 1988. damn I really wished I kept them safe!

Friday, October 11, 2013

#268 Justice Gundam

This fig was a gift from my father. lol. months ago, he got his then latest credit card while currently overseas, and wanted to try it right away, so he bought this mobile suit from Gundam Seed on ebay.. hahaha and few days later, I received it. This Gundam will always remind me that it is still possible for a father to buy his 20 something year old son toys just to make him happy.. or guinea pig.. either way. :)

So, this one's an oldie, a'right! still needed filing to make it clean, which obviously I didn't did. and the colors were also limited, that it actually needs paint job, which obviously I never do on SD. so pretty much looks dead and old. which reminds me just now, my very first 1/144 model kit, nay, my very first Gundam ever was also a Justice Gundam, which I owned years ago. I don't know where the hell it is now.

2004 model kit + dead color + dead camera lighting + no edits + daddy love = GOOD!!

BB#367 NZ-666 Kshatriya and D-50C Loto

for my kickback this semester, I bought Kshatriya from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn!! Kshatriya is quite bigger than other SD Gundam I own.

Kshatriya model kit comes with a small D-50 Loto model, which is about half the size of Kshatriya:

BB#378 ZERO Gundam (Devil Dragon Blade)

My last posts' been like, centuries ago. lol. here is one of my first ZERO Gundam has 2 versions, and with that, changeable armors and swords. just browse the pictures below, for less talk:

ZERO Gundam Ver.I :

ZERO Gundam Ver.II :