Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April Finds :: Build Fighters and Infinite Justice

For the mean time, this is going to be my last post about Gundam. I'm still collecting, and still buying and building, and maybe will still make short reviews and updates about my Still growing Gundam collection, but I kinda want to also make updates about my other toys, including the one I just started collecting, Super Hero Mashers and Star Wars Mashers, and 1/18 scale soldiers and other Action figures. So foroww I'm taking rest from Gundam and will start updates about these other cool toys.

Now, for the month of April, I got these bad boys..

Infinite Justice Gundam will be joining my other Justice Gundam, while Gundam The End and Wing Gundam Fenice with Meteor Hoper will be joining my Build Fighters collection.

Inifinite Justice Gundam (Gundam Seed Destiny)
Ive been longing to have this HG, since Justice Gundam is one of my faves, and alsoo I want to collect every scale and form of it, good thing I found one on sale in Toys R Us, Fairview Terraces.

Gundam The End (Gundam Build Fighters)
From range of 0 to 100, how cool do you think it  is to have an office boss who is also a Gundam Fan? I'll tell you, it's more than a thousand, sucker!! That's right, my office boss is the one who picked this up for me lol. A giant Gundam fanatic as I am, and as KC(who was mentioned a few times ago in some posts). Boss Marc picks up model kits from wasabitoys.com for both KC and I, since he is a regular, and we are relying on discounts haha. 

Wing Gundam Fenice + Meteor Hopper (Gundam Build Fighters)
Also one of my lo time targets from BF Series, the Fenice. Managed to find stock also in TrU, Fairview Terraces, but I was hoping to also get a Build Custom Meteor Hopper for it that timr, but is not available, not in TrU, not everywhere I know, unless I order it online or have Boss Marc pick it up for me from wasabitoys.com, ehich isnt available as wll that time. Few days later, on my hunt for Super Heroes Mashers, I reached Metro department store, also located in Fairview Terraces, and found a crumpled Metor Hopper box, alone on a shelf. Who cares about the box, I still bought it as it might be my only chance to get one for a long time again. Good thing all the runners' still in tact.

BTW, not my last Gunpla post. I got few more Fenice photos, following this one.

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