Monday, March 6, 2017

February Finds + Philippines' 1st Gunpla Expo Haul

Didn't really caught anything new for the month of January since I became too busy with my job and my time spent playing my 3DS during rests is outstanding, but I didn't complete forgotten about my blog, again. I also moved out of my parents' house last days of December last year, and I left all my Gunpla and other collections bound in our house, so Feb isn't a bad month to start a new Gundam gallery in my own pad.

The first one I got was Trancient Gundam Glacier, from Build Fighters. Bought it when my friend, Kc, and I ventured in a Lupus Rex hunt, which we found out isnt available then. Scored it in TK, SM North The Block.

Couple days later, we decided to continue the journey, this time in Trinoma. with another officemate, Aira, tagging along. Still no Lupus Rex. I however got Gundam 00 Shia Qan[T], again from Build Fighters, and a Thor and Loki figure which was on sale, all from TrU. After that, I scored 3 Harry Potter wands on a bazaar which also happened to be its last day in Trinoma. And lastly, 2 figure cases from Japan Home Centre (no image thou).

LUPUS REX UNFOUND III - 1st Gunpla Expo in Philippines.
Our final stop for the month of February, before getting completely broke, was the Gunpla Expo held in Mall Of Asia. We went on its 3rd day and Kc and I 'kidnapped' 2 friends to come with us, Shan and Lyan. The event was a little disappointing, because we found out there are no more limited editions available, and there are not much stuff placed on sale. And the sad part was, we finally found out the motherfucking Barbatos Lupus Rex wont be available until second week of March. We enjoyed the exhibit though, and I scored a 17 year old Zaku III, and Gundam Tryon 3 (Build Fighters), which were the only ones I found interesting that were on sale. Also, a 2 in 1 action base, that is I believe new, since we didn't really saw them available anywhere else yet before.

The very tiring HG Lupus Rex hunt craze was started by Kc, who currently collects Gunplas from Iron Blood Orphans series. He was the one who asked me to buy the Barbatos model, back in my 1st week of December post, with the RX-78-2. It became his goal since then to complete all of HG Barbatos forms and he has been dragging me after work looking for it all over QC. Told him to somehow settle on the ones sold on Facebook by retailers, or get one Online, which are quite cheaper than if he will wait for TK or TrU to release it.

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