Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sangokuden Diorama :: Cherry Blossom Scene

I just made my very first "Diorama" for one of my Sangokuden characters! I saw several scenes on the anime (Brave Battle Warriors) with cherry blossom trees, or "sakura tree" at the background, so I thought of recreating a similar scene from the anime for Sun Shiangxiang, whom is a princess in the anime as well as the "princess" of my blog.

 A Diorama, in the world of Gunpla, means recreating or designing a real-looking scene based from the anime or manga of Mobile Suit Gundam with the use of specific materials and the desired unit posing in it. They were Ideal for galleries and contests, mostly for comic-cons and official gundam events or just for giving your collection a superior look. In my Diorama's case, it's more like cartoonic style than real, since it is made for a non scale sangokuden character.

The base and the body of the tree are all made from a cardboard box. I made 3 layers for the main base with the lower being the river and the higher 2 are the land.

 Painted it with acrylic, giving the water a wavy effect, and the land a grassy effect at the edges. The flowers of the tree and the patches of grass were cut outs of colored paper added with the use of white glue.. Then spray painted it with clear nippon paint for glossy outcome.

 Some photos of Sun Shiangxiang on it, with her horsey.. From the looks of it, it's like she's waiting for her lover to come.. something I picked-up from a certain romantic film.

Sun Shiangxiang put on survival mode, trying to spear fish from the river. lol

And here's what it will look like inside my shelf; Sun Shiangxiang standing brave.

 It's kinda small, since I actually made it to only fit Sun Shiangxiang. And now that I'm happy about the outcome, I may make another one, and it will be bigger. I liked the bit with the 3 main warriors posing the oath something in the anime. The only problem is I still dont own the #18 LiuBei Gundam, and at this point, it is pretty hard to find from the local toy shops, and my only chance is buying it from ebay or something.

That's all! By the way,
if you're curious of what the back of my diaroma looks like:

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