Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Long Pause Unpaused + November 2016 Houl

2 years past, and within I kept on trying to find time to make an update in this blog. I just love it, I cant abandon it completely. Anyway, Im still figuring out how blogger works on iPad, and since I'm kind of busy because of my job, upcoming posts might not be coming sooner, but will definitely come.

So last week, I got these goods from a Toys R Us private sale, after my date from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them premier, great movie, btw.

I got a MG Age-1 Titus, and a HG Justice Gundam. Also, since there was a Gundam event happening in T'r'U that time, I got 3 free Sangokuden Army Units from a raffle, for my BBW collection which I'm also trying to continue, and a Custom Weapon Campaign, for my HG Justice Gundam.

And since I cant find time to do a descent shoot for my new Titus and Justice, nor even apply the dry transfer decals; well, none of my other Gunplas due to my schedule in that matter, I just took some phone pics..

Justice Gundam is one of my faves, and the Titus is definitely my fave Age-1 mobile suite. The HG Justice Gundam is holding the free campaign weapon from the event. While MG Titus looks cooler with its SD version. Also took a photo of HG Justice with its SD, but I cant open the image.

Also, a few days back, I made a 7 SD purchase from GreatToysOnline.com, most of it are Sangokuden, and I received the package last night. If you are also in the Philippines, and would want to buy Gunplas at lower price, just visit their website, most of their products are on Christmas Sale, and they have some promotions going on as well!

So excited to start these babies. Been a while since I built a SD, and would love to have my Brave Battle Warriors collection continue to grow. 

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