Friday, December 9, 2016

BB Senshi #341 Juniko Gundam :: Xun Yu

According to the character info, in Sangokuden series, Xun Yu is a civilian personal serving for CaoCao and his troop, he is an expert in developing weapons. Some characters from Brave Battle Warrior that he made weapons for are ZhangHe Zaku III and XuHuang Serpent.

This is my third build from the GreatToysOnline package I got last month. Its body uses the old SD models' figure (no legs, petitest) so I'm pretty excited to have him, as I haven't owned one for years.

The box includes 4 runners, the instruction manual, and the decal sheets. Older SD kits with the same body figure only had 1 color per runners before, if I remember correctly, so having different color parts combined in 1 runner looks pretty great, given how small this model kit is.

Here's how #341 Xun Yu look when built:

He looks pretty naked without the armor and the weapon on. Im not fan of this gold color, I think it would have looked doper with a metallic or chrome gold. Points on the sword weapon for having different colors without using any sticker, some weapons were only made with 1 color and needs decals to look better.

Xun Yu's helmet wont stay on its place, it keeps rotating and facing wrong angles. Also, it comes out pretty easy when I grab it.

Being a genius in weaponry, Xun Yu comes with changing weapons, a sword which hides another sword, and a blaster which turns into a phoenix weapon. The first weapon is YinDao, a knife hidden inside the bigger, ChiLongDao.

The ChiLongDao, is a war-god sword of ancient tradition. Pretty big words, for a basic looking pirate sword, but not my own words, it's what the Character info is saying. BTW what a breath of fresh air to have the infos in the instruction manual written in English for change.

The handheld blaster form of NiaoJiPao. Looks ok, I guess. But would have been more useful if it has some gimicks in it, like those spring blasting missiles from the older SDs.

And NiaoJiPao in cannon form, it converts an aura-spirit of the operator into a power of an artillery shell, also called NiaoJiPaoDaPoDan, that's mouthful. This weapon was made by Xun Yu for CaoCao's army soldier to use. However it requires 2 or more of them to operate the NiaoJiPao.

Overall, the model kit looks amazing. If it wasnt for the crappy gold color, and the stupid helmet which wont stay on place, it would have been amazing not just to look at but to have displayed with other Sangokuden kits as well. I did missed the old petite figure of SDs,so I might try to look for more with the same body type.

Xun Yu looks pretty peaceful standin on my mom's copper wire bonzai center piece, though..

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