Monday, December 5, 2016

1st Week of December :: New Kits

My collecting career doing really good so far, It's just the first week of December, and I already have a lotta additions to my pile of new model kits.

Thanks to the early release of my 13th month pay, I managed to snag Try Burning Gundam HG, Try Burning Gundam Sd Ex Standard, and RX-78-2 Sd Ex Standard, and a base stand also but do not pay much attention on that one. Now, the 2 SDs will surely find its way to my bloog in the future, but I kinda like the HG dude from Build Fighters that much that I might also make a review about it.

Yesterday, a workmate asked me to grab a HG Barbatos from a Toys R Us near my house, and on my way to get it, I found this RX-78-2 HG hidden behind Build Fighters boxes. No time wasted, I went home with my new RX-78-2 which I can use to try campaign items and the SD Ex Standards weapon transformations.


And today, after work, I decided to reward myself a Denial Gundam HG, also from Build Fighters, after receiving a pretty high score for the month of November.

Ive been getting a lot of Build Fighters, mostly HGs, and there are also SDs in the series but the only one I have so far is the Ex Standard Try Burning. Really like the series and I might as well dedicate a shelf to Build Fighters models only.

12.7.16 UPDATE
Got a new model kit, but not from Mobile Suit Gundam, its actually another series called Yo-kai Watch. I'm not familiar with the show or the toy line up, but TrU had all the toys from the series on sale, and I got really curious about the model kit, so I bought this character, Orochi, who I thought was the coolest one, most of the characters are cats.

Might get the other ones if this Orochi turn out to be good, and if they still have these guys on stock.

A friend failed to stop me from buying a new one, before we reached TrU, I asked her to do whatever it takes to prevent me from getting a new model kit, it's becoming an addiction. I'm now 3-for-3 days, but I think I'm done for the week. In your face, Ana Necor-Smith!!

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