Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Additions to the ShihoMT Gunpla Shelf

I know I started late this year, but I still manage to grab a lot of new additions to my Gunpla family. My first houl for 2016 came third week of November, then I didnt stop getting more, from old models to somehow, still new ones.

Fantastic Beast Houl
MG Age-1 Titus, HG Justice Gundam, some Sangokuden military units.
The set I got after the Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them premier. The Sangokuden guys are part of a Gundam sale event, and I got them for free.

November GTO Houl
My first package from GreatToysOnline. Most consisting Sangokuden models, and my first Gunpla which transforms from Sd to HG.

13th Month Houl
From my 13th month pay LOL!!  Got my first 2 SD EX-Standard dudes, one of which is Lolo Gundam!

Given the number of pals who joined my shelf today, I'd say this year has been a success in my Gunpla collecting career. Some I already made a blog entry this past weeks, and more will surely come. Have them scheduled, to make sure my blog will remain alive, even though my sched is really busy. No promises will be made for the coming year, but I will surely try to make more updates.

This year-end post is dedicated to my new found family from Q.Ave, It wouldn't be possible if it wasnt from the good peeps of my first BPO. Finally, I'm a real fledge adult. So, thanks a lot, 14th floor, for the great opportunity and I'm really glad to be part of the family! May we all have a very fortunate year this 2017. Happy New Year!!

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