Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BB Senshi #336 Nanpo Kibatai

A.k.a Green Military unit, I'm not familiar in which kingdom or troops does these green soldiers serves, but I remember in an early Brave Battle Warrior episode, there are green soldiers working for Ryo-Fu Tallgeese and Toutaku Zaku, the bad guys. While on the side box art, it shows Nanpo Kibatai as the army serving Asurao Mokaku Gundam and Syukuyu Gundam, riding the Kyoshin Elephant. Gotta watch the anime again. Anyway..

The first one I built from the November package I received from since it is one of the smaller Gunpla model from the box. Here's what inside..

The runners, 2 for the Ji or horse, and 1 for the soldiet, a brown wire for the horse what-you-call-it handle, the decals, the printed instruction manual where the flag cut out is also located, and a free coaster with the character print.

Now here's the built #336 Nanpo Kibatai, nice cloudy weather outside, so I went out for a little shoot..

The green army unit and his brown war horse, a shield, a battle spear, and a troop flag. Great points about this model are: the war horse, of course, and there are more detailed decals for the soldier, while the other 3-unit model kit only has for the eye part. A little less point is, I don't think there's another kit, where you will only get the soldier, or like another 3-unit kit of its kind, and if you want more units, you'll have to buy it with the horse, as part of the model kit. Not a bad idea though, could just repaint the horse for other characters, but that means work.

Here's a couple more pics..

Really like this soldier and his horse companion, might get some more, even though Im not sure right now on which right troop should I have this one place. Sadly, according to GreatToysOnline, they wont be restocking this SD model, or any of the other SD models that I got from them.

And to add this fresh-return-to-blog entry, here's another pic of the unnamed brown horse with 008 Shin Hakugin Ryuuseiba..

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