Monday, December 30, 2013

BB#316 GN-0000 OO Gundam [NEW PHOTOS]

My very first entry on this blog is a 7 photo set of OO Gundam, shot with GE digital camera.  The images are fine, although a little crappy than my newer sets. So now that I am using a different, new SLR, I decided to take new and more awesome photos of GN-00000 OO Gundam.

With GN Sword II (sword and riffle mode) and GN Sword-Staff



With GN Sword II (riffle mode) and GN Shield

With the GN Beam Saber and poses in flight mode

Really like this neon yellow (sorta lime color) backdrop. It's good on reflecting lights and really compliments the color of the gunpla.

Happy New Year!!

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