Friday, December 2, 2016

BB Senshi #324 Military Unit Soldier + Promotional Campaign Military Units

The not so top priority characters from the Sangokuden anime, Brave Battle Warriors, these boys serves as the ever loyal and disposable army of the different clans and troops. The red ones belongs to CaoCao's troop, the orange ones to the Son clan, and the blue ones are from Ryubi's troop, I think.

The box contains 3 Militry Unit soldiers, one from each troops mentioned above. I strongly hoped they instead released a box containing 3 guys from the same troop, that way it would be easier to collect as many from the same troop as you want.

Included in the box are the runners, 1 for each unit as each one is an easy built but in one color only though and needs heavy paint job to get the look, the decal sheet for the eyes and flag holder only, a printed sheet of cut out flag, and a promotional coaster with the 3 units art.

Each unit has a shield, a spear-axe, and a flag representing a troop, for accessories. Its all dull without the paint job, as only the eyes has decals provided. Here's some more photos..

For my November 17th houl, which I got from a 1-day private sale from Toys R Us Trinoma, I got 3 promotional sangokuden military units for free. 2 of them are red and one orange.

Forgot to take a photo of the runners before I built them. On the instruction sheet, it shows it is also possible to own a green one, which looks different from the other 3, and also different from #336 Nanpo Kibatai. It looks like it could have higher ranking than the normal units. Unfortunately only red and orange ones are given away, and they didnt even had the blue one. How I wish I could also own the green one as well. The cut out flags are also on the instruction sheets, 4 of it but you'll only need one.

Even though the instruction sheet shows there are certain weapons included on each unit, All three that I got has a sword, but that's fine, at least it's different from the #324 ones. Also, the flags are a little different from the model kit above.

So far, my soldier counts: 1 Nanpo Kibatai, 4 Red (small one free from a dif model kit), 2 Orange, 2 Blue (small one also from the dif model kit). Would love to have more but its hard to find this model kit since the sangokuden has already phased out and only few stores and online sellers has them. 1 final pic of all of them:

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