Saturday, December 10, 2016

Quick New Addition Update :: Yo-Kai Watch's Togenyan

On my last Houl update, I included a model kit from Yo-Kai Watch, which is Orochi. Already had Orochi build and I was pretty impressed that I bought a new one, Togenyan. Felt pretty lucky that they still have this cactus pussy cat available on TrU sale isle, since during my last visit with my friend, Ana, I was torn (pun intended) on which one to get, the Dragon scarfed Orochi, or the spunky spike neko Togenyan, since both are the last box.

Little Togenyan will have to wait for my next rest day from work for me to build. Also, will be making a review for Orochi. Really hope I get the other characters and they wont sold out soon. Sadly the one that I now kinda want since I figured it was the Pikachu of Yo-Kai Watch, the Jibanyan, isnt available anymore, but will try to find one on some other stores, and would definitely love to have it. 😫

So I did a little research about this Yo-Kai Watch, and found out Im really late from all the Yo-Kai crazy! It has Anime, which I just started watching (english dubbed, of course), 3DS games which I'm planning to get maybe next year, and real version watches and collectible medals which you can get from blind booster packs. I'm now planning to collect those dope medals as well the art looks pretty cool. I'm a fan of bakemonos and other mythical and supernatural creatures, and the Pokemon-isc vibe is coming on me, so I strongly believe Yo-kai Watch will be on top of my fave list this coming year.

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